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Research projects

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Motion Capture system

Tracking and streaming the motion of body segments and objects

Balancing measurements

How do balancing abilities change in athletes or patients?

Motion analysis software

Framework for customizable motion measurements

Sports biomechanics

Optimizing athletic

Gait Analysis

Biomechanical analysis
of locomotion

Additional devices

Adding high-tech devices
to experiments

Our main research field is gait analysis

Gait analysis is the measurement of forward motion, walking and running.

Gait analysis is subject to many measurement errors. The overlying skin and soft tissues make it difficult to track the skeletal movements. We us a state-of-the-art motion capture system in conjunction with rigid body tracking.

Bony anatomical landmarks are tracked virtually, based on their relative position to the rigidbody tracking the movement of the appropriate body segment.

This helps reduce the artefacts related to skin-bone relative movements, and makes highly accurate gait analysis measurements possible.


Media appearances and videos from the Lab

Our Team

The MotionLAB team includes members from every level of university studies. Our work is led by Professor Rita Kiss. The laboratory projects are incorporated into the undergraduate and graduate programs, providing students with valuable hands-on experiences.

Kiss Rita, DSc


Petró Bálint

Teaching assistant

Rácz Kristóf

PhD student

Pálya Zsófia

PhD student

Molnár Cecília

BSc student

Nagymáté Gergely, PhD


In addition to the core team, numerous students carry out important work: projects, assignments and thesis work in our lab.


The Wiki page of MotionLab is the place where we collect our know-how and experiences so that additional team members and projects can have a great starting point for their work. The wiki page containts tutorials on how to conduct scientific research, on the software and equipment of the Lab and includes project documentations made by students as well.

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